World Travel and Tourism Council



We were asked to create three commercials for WTTC to broadcast across Europe, the Middle East, Africa & USA. These commercials required a unifying graphical theme, which could be adapted to cover WTTC’s wide ranging & often complex campaigns; both for today – and the foreseeable future.


The graphical solution needed to be attractive and intelligent, to clearly encapsulate WTTC’s message and direct it to the target audience of – primarily - CEOs and leading government officials.


The World Travel & Tourism Council [WTTC] represents the top 100 Travel & Tourism companies and campaigns on their behalf. WTTC has to take on complex issues and explain why government behaviour and the resulting lack of investment or legislation can be counterintuitive in generating growth for their country.

The graphical mechanism required to convey the central message of each commercial was vital to their success. Designer Dylan Lategan & Producer Paul Denchfield together formulated a highly elegant & versatile solution based on WTTC’s existing logo. 


The starting point was to use a sense of ‘natural’ free movement to underpin the commercial.  This movement conveyed the freedom of commerce in travel and tourism – the very things WTTC tries to liberate. Importantly, this concept was also highly transferable. To illustrate this ‘natural flow,’ we developed an element transformed the globe into a WTTC green sphere. Multiplying this to produce many free moving green spheres in a white three-dimensional landscape, we created our natural dynamic.  


Our concept’s guiding principles:

  • * The sphere’s movement is a metaphor for the ease with which the Travel & Tourism (T&T) industry can operate.

  • * To illustrate events, policies or decisions which hamper the T&T commerce, we placed 3D text to block the free flowing path of the spheres.

  • * The 3D Text would spell out clearly to the viewer exactly what was hampering T&T (i.e. Airport Passenger Duty, Border Control).

  • * To illustrate a change in policy or attitude, the text would be removed allowing the sphere to quickly start moving again - symbolising how quickly business would start to flow again if unhindered.


Bringing all of this together, with a voiceover that exuded truth and understanding, the WTTC felt Fin had created a highly effective and crafted creative that fitted their needs. The commercials aired across Europe, the Middle East, Africa & the USA.