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Fin Tune






Fin were commissioned by Mindshare, on behalf of Unilever, to create a range of sponsorship indents to promote their new range of washing capsules.


The new fragrances were about to launch in the supermarket and, so, the focus for the sponsorship was on bringing product awareness to the consumer. Two of the new fragrances were singled out for promotion: “Tropical Oasis” and “Sunshine Lemons."


The sponsored show 'Peter Andre: The Next Chapter' was airing every week for 3 months, with 2 repeats a week on ITV2 - so, a number of different indents were needed to keep up the interest.


Taking our cues from the sponsored show, we worked up a fun creative to watch 2 hapless paparazzi characters (Dave & Bob) as they try to capture photos of our make-believe celebrities. Their efforts are always thwarted, as they are constantly distracted by the wonderful smell of the stars' clothes, wherever they travel.

Naming the stars 'Tropical' and 'Oasis' gave us a platform to promote the names of the new fragrances whilst staying within the strict laws of sponsorship.

Each 'star' had their own unique set of 15 second indents, which had corresponding 10 and 5 second versions which were split into 2 locations. 'Tropical' was our red carpet film star, who was leaving a black-tie event and 'Sunshine' was holidaying aboard a yacht in some glamorous location!

To visualise the fragrance emanating from the clothes, we took the flower elements from the packaging design and animated them gracefully as the star moves around.


The shoot was split into two sections: the first was a night shoot using the wonderful façade of One Marylebone in London; the second utilised a Sunseeker yacht in Poole Harbour, Dorset.


Because of the difficulty of both locations (one next to a major road, the other in a major tide) we needed to have detailed pre-production planning and shot lists. We built both scenarios in 3D software, so we could acquire our exact positions needed for shooting, car/boat paths, actor locations and see if there were any physical restrictions or difficulties pre-shoot. We were lucky to have good weather on both filming days…although it was being constantly monitored back at base beforehand.

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