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S O U T H  A F R I C A N   A I R W A Y S.





Paul Denchfield



Tim Graham



BBC World



Danny St Fin/Fin Tune






Our task: use a fresh approach, to intelligently engage travelling but world-weary business class professionals, to inform them SAA flies to important and emerging destinations - well beyond Johannesburg, London and New York. Albeit with a limited budget, film in each of these destinations – 7 cities across 4 continents.


Seasoned filming travellers, Tim and Paul, hooked up to devise, then research, the concept of Micro-Documentary-mercials (!) These were ‘Celebrate Africa’ narratives that, in each film, took viewers on a journey from a South African-based subject to 2 other SAA destinations linked by that theme. Subjects were Samba/Semba; Spice; Fashion; & Heritage. Overall, we felt the particular target consumer needed a more imaginative and ‘insider’ take on the conventional city-guide. 

Local fixer/assistant producers were advance-sourced, selected and then briefed in Brazil, India, China, Tanzania, Angola and South Africa itself.


With the ground prepped thus and trip coordinator Jackie Stuart organizing from London, Paul and Tim then undertook a travel light, self-shooting, whirlwind 17-day filming trip. Amassing 35 hours of amazing footage, involving many completely unexpected people and locations, this was no mass tourism guide. This was certainly something different and stimulating for the experienced business traveller. The campaign was so successful it ran for 2 years.