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Spring 2006: thanks to ITV’s recommendation to Sekonda’s media agents, John Ayling & Associates, Fin were called in to produce the watch brand’s first TV sponsorship idents, initially just for some up-and-coming shows on the then new ITV-2.


12 years on, this first small foray has grown into multiple-show peak-time ITV sponsorship partnerships and Sekonda’s first TV commercials in 20 years - along with its most successful ad campaign following Fin's 2017 Christmas creative.


Originally, though, to effectively reach the targeted 18-30 female audience for Sekonda’s Seksy brand, we had to deliver an aspirational, sexy image without overpowering the featured watches.

On all Seksy shoots, Fin use very detailed storyboarded choreography of the model and camera to best position the watch. In post, special effects (via Flame) are used - adding shimmers, sparkles and shafts of light on the watch face. Next, we add colour grading work and a sound design involving music by Fin Tune.


With the number of shows sponsored by Sekonda – and watches featured – both increasing rapidly, Fin suggested the generic phrase ‘ITV Music Specials’ to more closely associate all the individually titled programme formats sponsored with Sekonda and Seksy. This also saved budgets on re-badging and voicing each watch’s different set of idents.


With the client and agency, this innovation allows us to carefully pair particular watches and shows together, to really enhance demographic targeting and brand associations – and quickly action it to air.

In late 2009, Sekonda made their return to commercials with Fin: featuring a unique soundtrack from Leona Lewis and 3 Seksy watches, the dream-like 30-second film ‘Seksy…Whatever Your Scene’ aired across the UK in the lead up to 4 successive Christmases.


We followed it with an ad commission for Sekonda main brand watches, this time with a Fin-led deal for a classic Marvin Gaye soundtrack, ‘It Takes Two,' with Whatever Your Scene updated, featuring the Fin Tune score 'Forest of Lights,' replacing the original Leona Lewis track. A brand new ad was shot in late 2017, which has since become Sekonda's most successful ad campaign since it launched in 1966 (see below).



With their sponsorship campaigns annually planned to build via ITV through autumn to Christmas, Sekonda have increasingly seen demand outstrip supply following transmissions of each new Seksy ident. On several occasions they have experienced a ‘run on shops’, with all watches throughout the UK snapped up by the end of Monday, following a Saturday night TX.


One example famously occurred just this Christmas when Fin's campaign for Seksy Rocks led to the brand's most successful campaign in its history. It directly resulted in the  £99 RRP watch range selling out - changing hands on eBay for upwards of £800!


Strategically, in terms of invention, execution and planning, the whole project has helped reinvent the Sekonda brand - forging a fashionable, good-time image for Seksy amongst prospective customers, with superb market, sales and brand perception results to match.