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The film, for Sekonda’s cutting-edge Seksy range, is an extended director’s cut, inspired by the seasonal 30-second spot ad we produced for the brand’s creative agency Springetts.


This rare duration, coupled with the gorgeous tone and luxuriant style of a mid-winter fantasy narrative, was designed to cast the wrist wear brand into the big league of long-form Christmas advertisers.


So, apart from this 2-part directive that we gave ourselves, there was no brief! A secret labour of love, created entirely of our own volition, until a week before transmission not even the client – Sekonda - knew we had produced it!


It was our desire to more fully imagine the fantastical 21st Century 'Alice In Wonderland' brand world of Seksy, hinted at in our previous Sekonda commercials work from 2006 onwards, but never explored before.

Nervously, we first unveiled our closet creation to Sekonda’s media agency John Aylings Associates, who were immediately supportive, excited and pro-active in identifying a route to television, adjusting the original 30”-dominated pre-Christmas campaign to accommodate the longer film. The 2-minuter also led its own extended on-line season, with a complementary Fin-Tune soundtrack release on iTunes, ‘Forest of Lights’.


Starring Swedish model Tess Montgomery, the face of the Seksy brand, the film was directed by Fin’s Darian Weir. The piece was filmed on green-screen, with specially-built foreground sets, props and styling – and DOP’d by James Buck. The winter wonder-world we then created was built in Flame and After Effects – several scenes with nearly 100 GGI layers added. We even created 3D cityscapes.


A recurrent theme of Tess’ journey is the natural Arctic phenomenon of the Northern Lights. Via a series of fantastic, sky-borne watches, she travels dreamily upward from a Nordic winter forest of fireflies, to a rooftop loft in an unknown metropolis - and finally on a balloon flight to the moon. Once we were happy with the narrative flow of the edit, we were able to commission a soundtrack composed to picture. The beautiful, neo-classical ‘Forest of Lights’ was written and recorded for Fin Tune by Danny St Fin and Mike Payne.