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PRODUCER: Darian Weir   DIRECTOR:  Dan Constantinou   ITV & Online





Spring 2006: Fin were called in to produce the watch brand’s first TV sponsorship idents. Today, this has grown into multiple-show peak-time ITV sponsorship partnerships and Sekonda’s first TV commercials in 20 years - along with its most successful ad campaign.



With their sponsorship campaigns annually planned to build via ITV through autumn to Christmas, Sekonda have increasingly seen demand outstrip supply following transmissions of each new Seksy ident. On several occasions they have experienced a ‘run on shops’, with all watches throughout the UK snapped up by the end of Monday, following a Saturday night TX.


Strategically, in terms of invention, execution and planning, the whole project has helped reinvent the Sekonda brand - forging a fashionable, good-time image for Seksy amongst prospective customers, with superb market, sales and brand perception results to match.

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