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Exterion Media XTP






Planning a semi-live London Underground campaign on Exterion Media's Digital XTP (Cross Track Projection) screens for San Pellegrino, San Pell's media agency, Mindshare, approached Fin for a creative concept. The aim was two-fold: to publicise the Italian water brand’s event sponsorship of the culinary event ‘Taste London’, and - more broadly – to increase and promote San Pellegrino’s association with fine dining.


Working with Mindshare’s airtime plan, we devised a 3-stage campaign: before, during and after ‘Taste’…


In the week preceding the event, screen content was changed daily, teasing the tastings, cookery classes and San Pellegrino’s own Masterclass to come.

During the event, Fin’s on-site camera crews captured daily highlights, celebrity chefs and news from ‘Taste,' which was then immediately edited at Fin and posted on the Underground each evening, offering near-instant exclusive event news from London’s hottest gastronomic happening!


In the days following Taste, we posted highlights packages – bringing Londoners who’d missed out the best of the event, courtesy of San Pellegrino.


To precede each XTP bulletin, using a motion control rig, Fin and food stylist, Rebecca Rauter, filmed exquisite Italian summer dishes, accompanied by San Pellegrino - sumptuously associating the brand with food excellence.


In tandem, Designer Dylan Lategan created a crisply designed look and feel for the packages on After Effects, seamlessly marrying the food and events from the Taste London and San Pellegrino brands.

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