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Rolls-Royce Ghost Animations

ANIMATION/PRODUCER: Darian Weir   ILLUSTRATIONS:  Charlie Davis   All News Media Outlets




Fin was commissioned by Rolls Royce to create a series of four animated films to be released ahead of the global launch of a NEW MODEL of Ghost – the most successful, technologically advanced car in the 116-year history of Rolls Royce.


Fin’s creative director and lead animator, Darian Weir said “We were asked to produce the animations in a style that would reflect the simple lines and effortless nature of Ghost. With illustrator Charlie Davis, we focused on key scenes using bold shapes and shadows and a minimal colour palette.”


Each animation provides a particular insight into the development of Ghost, covering: design; evolution; engineering and sound.


The level of detail and design that went into Ghost was incredible. Our aim was to distil these journeys into a series of four animations with voice over from those involved in the design and production. Their passion and obsession for perfection and the ultimate ‘magic carpet ride’ is inspirational.” 

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