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A Diamond in the Rough


Fin was chosen once again to produce the exclusive launch content for a new type of Rolls-Royce car. This first high-bodied, all-terrain SUV has been named the Rolls-Royce Cullinan.


Our creative required us to create a stunning film that would be used as the official Global Launch Film for Rolls-Royce, providing the first worldwide unveiling of the vehicle in all its glory.


Due to the off-road capabilities of this new SUV, it was imperative that we proved its credentials against any harsh environment that challenged it. So where better to take it - than across the highlands of Scotland, the snow capped peaks of the Austrian Alps and the burning sands of the Arabian Peninsula?!

Our creative approach employed a feature documentary narrative style, in a deliberate move away from the standard format of global launches.

Key personnel, including the CEO of Rolls-Royce, Torsten Müller Ötvös, were taken out of their usual surroundings and filmed in more personal, immediate settings. This gave the audience the opportunity to glean the real passion behind the team's mission, as they detailed the journey of the Cullinan from conception to unveiling.


For the dynamic driving sections of the film, where the car's off-road capabilities were shown to full effect, Fin's background came into its own; not only for our experience in automotive filming, but also our knowledge of shooting high-speed action sequences. Using custom-built vehicles for each extreme terrain, we trialed Fin's new DJI Ronin 2 and Flowcine Blackarm setup for our base chase vehicle. Acquisition comprised filming on our Red Helium 8k with Arri primes and zooms.


The filming equipment was put through what can only be described as torture - from extreme temperatures, to tackling dust, water, snow and driving sand storms! "At several points during the filming I thought we had lost the camera," director Dan Constantinou explains. "I was sat in a 1000cc dune buggy chasing a 3 ton Rolls-Royce up a 200 foot sand plunge - full of ruts and bumps. Not only was I trying to keep the car as balanced as possible so the DOP could actually get some shots, but also trying to navigate a safe route to the top. The camera was bouncing everywhere within my forward vision so I was amazed when we reviewed the footage to see just how stable it was. It really gave an extra visual dynamic to be that close to the action while this new car was showing what it could really do."


The filming took place over 3 months, with post production completed back at Fin HQ in Soho Square and the film graded within our Baselight cinema suite. 


The final launch film was shown live to a global audience in May 2018 and is now being shown within Rolls-Royce dealerships around the world.

RR Cullinan - filming via dune buggy

RED 8k camera with Arri primes and zooms, on Flowcine Black Arm with Ronin 2 to capture dynamic shots in the desert