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Dan Constantinou

Paul Denchfield



Darian Weir



Fin London








Fin were chosen to craft brand-new, promotional films for the pan-global launch of the Rolls-Royce Dawn: the latest in the renowned brand’s exclusive line of luxury cars.


Our extensive 15 minute film – shot in the UK and Italy - would be streamed live across the world to selected journalists. A mixture of live elements and pieces to camera from Rolls-Royce's HQ at Goodwood, alongside fly away VTs in Porto Cervo, Sardinia comprised the wide ranging story of Dawn.


Using the headquarters as our anchor position, we were to film a selection of past products – including the stunning 1950s Silver Dawn from which Dawn took inspiration – while looking in-depth at this spectacular car’s build in both the factory and design studio.


Working closely with Markettiers4DC, who were handling the launch Q&A session, our shoot schedule took place over the summer as several teams filmed sequences simultaneously.

Over a period of 3 months, we first undertook the outside shots of the Goodwood facility, the pieces to camera and luxurious shots of both classic and current cars at Rolls-Royce’s HQ. Using a hitherto unprecedented combination of 3 Red Epics to cover the event, we also utilised Fin’s aerial drone to capture striking high altitude shots.


Another team travelled to Sardinia to capture the build-up to the car’s launch in their summer studios, while the marketing director discussed the initial reaction from a select group of customers. Finally, back in the UK, we filmed both the head engineer and the director of design as they talked about the car’s influences and finer details – including its distinctive new roof.


Using everything from steadicam to motion control, the car was shot in a plethora of locations which demanded a new approach to capture the images required. With a busy aerodrome situated next door to the factory, we were in constant contact with air traffic control as we shot the film's aerial sections. A mixture of historic and modern cars featured in close proximity to the drone, so we rehearsed sequences with the driving team to safely capture the best results.


Back in the studio, we used the motion control rig with a periscope lens to capture the essence of the open-top vehicle. Shot with our 4k cameras, we programmed the motion control rig to skim millimetres above the surface, producing some stunning shots rarely accessible by the camera alone.


The final edit was completed in our new 4k edit suites and delivered in HD for internet streaming and dealership use. The film was graded in our new cinema suite on Baselight using the slate panels before final delivery for playout across the world.

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