Coty Inc



5 Days – from brief to broadcast - that was the challenge! Cate Murden from OMD, who Fin had been recommended to by ITV Sponsorship’s Ella Fletcher, took us to Coty’s Wimbledon HQ to begin their rockin’ Rimmel brand’s production, on the last-minute deal to sponsor then high-profile Saturday morning show CD:UK. The brief was: re-produce our punky, London-look ads, but without Kate Moss and for a fraction of the budget.


Due to time, this took place entirely in the taxi back to town, where we knocked together the creative concept and allocated production roles: Dan – shoot and music; Daz – graphics and idea; Tim – voice over and client liaison, i.e. Just another day at the Fin Towers office!


With experience on brand strategy, identity and creative

development, our clients further appreciated the integral value afforded through Fin's complete range of post production facilities at our distinctive base in London's Soho Square.