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Step in time for Christmas

Fin's new Christmas TV commercial for watch brand Accurist was seen by over 11 million viewers during 2018's I'm A Celeb final.

Hot off the heels of last year’s successful commercial for sister watch-brand Seksy - which immediately resulted in sold-out stock – Fin was approached to reinvigorate the Accurist brand. Our unique setup made all this possible; a combination of creative agency, in-house production and cutting-edge post-production facilities spanning the commercial, broadcast, DOOH, motion picture and high-end online platforms.

“For years we’ve been combining multi-discipline media to ensure our clients’ best interests are met – including winning Aston Martin a global broadcast commission, repeated in over 66 countries,” explains Fin’s Dan Constantinou, who directed the commercial. “When it comes to Sekonda, it started with a single sponsorship break and grew into multiple commercial spots each year. We leverage our cinematic production skills, broadcast sensibilities and in-house facilities to produce bigger creative executions for the budget than our rivals can.”

Knowing the advert sits alongside very high-budget Christmas commercials, Fin developed a concept with comparative visual standout. “I always loved the visual style of vintage movie musicals,” explains Dan, “and this is where the original concept, ‘Wrist Side Story’ came from. We looked to encapsulate a realistic slice of Britain’s population to form two rival groups - each with their own unique style which celebrates Accurist's diverse range. Their rivalry results in a dance-off, high upon a London rooftop.”

Top British choreographer, Kenrick Sandy, known for his work on London’s 2012 Olympic Games Opening and 2014 Winter Paralympic Closing Ceremonies was brought in to choreograph the 9 dancer-strong performance. His work focused the eye on the watch product and strongly conveyed the movement of time. A London rooftop was built within the studio in late August, complete with a fully-lit skyline and advertising signage - again paying homage to the old classics but with a contemporary feel.

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