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Fin campaign gives Sekonda record sales

Britain's Number one watch brand Sekonda commissioned Fin to create its latest winter/spring campaign - resulting in record sales and an online demand war.

Fin's full multi-platform creative concept and execution was produced in-house – becoming the brand’s most successful campaign ever and directly led to its best-selling timepiece since its founding in 1966.

Time Products, which owns both Sekonda and Accurist-branded watches, saw record-breaking sell-out purchases for its Seksy Rocks collection directly following on-air advertising across the ITV network in December. It resulted in their highest-ever recorded number of website hits, a large customer waiting list for new Seksy Rocks stock and models with an RRP of £99 selling on eBay for upwards of £800. Seksy Rocks also became the fastest-selling watch model on airlines and 5% of all branded searches on top watch retailer websites were for the range alone.

Brand director of Sekonda and Accurist Trevor James highlights the benefits of working with a smaller creative agency such as Fin:

"Not only are their production values up there with the best, their knowledge of the marketplace is exceptional. As they regularly work across both the luxury and volume markets, the insights and trends they suggest are easily combined with our marketing strategy to create messaging that is obviously working. We’ve collaborated with some of the biggest agencies in the past and would highly recommend Fin.”

With further network commercials planned and our continuing relationship with Sekonda and Accurist, Fin is looking to build even further on this success in 2018.

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