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Fin's virtual reality world first

Infinitus Global, creators of the world's most-advanced VR Headset, has engaged Fin to become its UK media and content partner and help launch their new product. The industry-only 'Prime tVR' headset boasts an impressive array of technical features, including: built-in microphones; customisable skins for enterprise; changeable lenses for different applications; and one of the highest resolution screens available. The system also runs on a single master control unit, allowing multiple headsets to be attached simultaneously, rendering redundant the expense and clumsiness of having one computer attached to each eyepiece.

Fin's first task is to create a global campaign film highlighting the product and to engage target customers who will benefit from the use of a VR system. With the high-end film currently in production, our R&D team will then work on a series of custom-made rigs, allowing us to film stunning 360-degree content to show off the headset's capabilities.

The partnership allows Fin to have a much better understanding of the technical milestones and capabilities of these systems. Dan Constantinou, Fin's Commercial & Film Director believes this is just a tipping point, "The success of VR greatly depends on its application and the quality of content. The easy routes are already set, such as education, design applications and sport, e.g. being on a court-row seat at a basketball match. But once we can really engage the viewer in a narrative and take them to places where their free-will shapes the outcome of their experience: then we're getting somewhere interesting! Our involvement with this product allows us to experiment with these challenges and firmly positions us within the VR production environment."

Being able to create high-end, customised content for the Prime tVR will allow Infinitus Global to showcase their product in a whole new light. The footage shot will be used for further campaign films to be released throughout the year. Constantinou concludes, "The wonderful thing about Fin is the way we can connect our clients, if we feel there is a mutual benefit for both parties. I can't wait to show some of our automotive or travel clients this technology and work on new ways to tell their stories with this unique, new experience."

The first campaign film launches in May. Watch this VR!

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