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Fin travels beyond boundaries

What do you do when you want to show inspiring content to the world's most demanding and renowned travel CEOs and leaders?

Hire Fin of course - and, in particular, the specialist skills of Creative Director, Darian Weir, heading up the graphics department.

The World Travel & Tourism Council commissioned us to create a 2-minute graphical film to tackle the many challenges and issues of today's travel marketplace. The film was to be shown on a 60 foot wide screen being projected in high res with 6 projectors at 50 FPS.

Composited and animated in Flame, the final output was made up of 2k-sized plates that sat next to each other, combining to form one complete super-widescreen 6k image. Each element had to be created in high res or up-scaled to work within the format guidelines.

Using the power and flexibility of the Flame system, Darian was able to create the whole composition within the workspace, adding various elements to the scene - from video sources to still images.

Once the final, large render was completed, the audio soundtrack and VO were added in Flame.

"This is why we spend the money on this level of specialist equipment," Darian adds. "Being able to create custom frame sizes beyond standard delivery formats and have the power to work in real-time are invaluable. These are the same high-end tools being used in the film industry, allowing our clients the freedom to achieve the same level of sophistication with their creative, at a very competitive price."


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