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Fin Celebrates Tube's 150th Birthday

The London Underground has just turned 150 years old. The first journey, between Paddington and Farringdon, carried just 40,000 people per day. So much has changed since then - with 4 million daily Tube travellers making journeys today.

Exterion Media and Fin wanted to wish London Underground a Happy Birthday and to spread that message to the millions of today’s Tube users.

Darian Weir set about designing a digital Happy Birthday card, taking his inspiration from the early 1900s, when the London Underground design foundations were set.

One of the reasons London Underground’s identity is recognisable the world over is because it was designed to be easily identifiable and eye-catching. A commitment to art and design across the transport system stems from the early 20th century vision of Frank Pick. As a transport administrator, he imagined ‘total design’ on the Tube which led to the modern Tube map, roundel logo and font, station architecture and even the advertising imagery used throughout the network. We think that Frank would be proud of our birthday wishes, which can be seen on the Underground throughout this week.

Happy Birthday LU!

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