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Fin creates world's biggest VFX image

Fin have been busy at work on a ground-breaking and unique project for luxury property developers: CIT. They are in the process of constructing multimillion-pound apartments on London's South Bank in the heart of the city.

Working with high-end branding agency Identity, we have been tasked with producing stunning content of the London skyline, which will be used in a one-off installation.

Filmed over a 48 hour period last summer, our team was based on the 28th floor of the South Bank Tower (previously known as the King's Reach Tower), to capture all the assets required for the project.

Using lens and projector calculations to replicate the vision of the human eye, the final piece will be a wonder to see.

More will be revealed when the project launches later this year - but suffice it to say, we have filmed colossal 15k width back-plates, which have had VFX work completed in top-end graphics software - Nuke.

To date, this project has led to the output of the largest VFX plates in the world; taking a colossal 1866 hours to render for the final composition.

We’ll never look at London in the same way ever again!

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