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2015 was a momentous anniversary year for global democracy - marking both the 750th anniversary since Simon De Montfort's Great Parliament of 1265 and 800 years since Magna Carta was sealed at Runnymede. Fin were tasked with bringing these events alive for passengers on London's Underground.


Commissioned by Exterion Media, we were briefed to produce a series of 12 animation-based executions for their network of digital screens on the tube (see them above). Each one, running for 7 days, tells a different story in the sequence of events which flowed from Magna Carta, coalescing to become what we now call western democracy.


Our main objective: to deliver a visual treatment which brings history's impact alive in a fresh & fun way to engage audiences. As with all XTP work, the format is mute - so everything had to be told effectively and clearly via moving images only.

As long-term Underground Digital / Outdoor Digital producers and with a company mission to deliver effective, stylish creative swiftly, Fin's Darian Weir immediately set to work…


Existing anniversary logo, '2015 Anniversaries: Parliament in the Making' was utilised as the bedrock for the executions. It features bright, geometric shapes, which were animated to act as transitions and form panels onto which written facts sit. These coloured shapes even form a moving timeline, subtly emphasising how each story fits into the sequence of democratic history.


To keep the stories simple, only 3 facts are given for each event, while existing, eye-catching animation, designed by Cogni+ive, was adapted to engage audiences.


The entire series was produced in After Effects and delivered for XTP (Cross Track Projection screens) weekly during the campaign's run. During production, as the executions played out on the Underground, the media picked up on the story - tying it into the wider parliamentary celebrations of 2015.

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