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Darian Weir



Marion Stone


Channel 4




Mybuilder is an online site which allows homeowners to quickly find local tradespeople, read reviews and see examples of their work - from sorting a messy garden to fixing a leaking roof. The 14 year old brand is very successful - but has a low level of public awareness.


Having been designated as the sponsors for Channel 4's "Afternoon Entertainment," Fin was taksed with building awareness of the brand and creating customer engagement to drive service use.


We investigated several creative routes and concluded animation was the strongest choice. This was based on two factors: cartoon characters were already part of the brand, used on their website; and we could flexibly build elaborate and comical scenes which were less possible with live-action.

Fin's graphics department built the animations using Flame and After Effects, using the Joysticks plugin.


We created 3 initial creative scenarios with a 15s start, 2 x 5s bumpers and a 10s end. Each scenario involved a family and a cat - structured with a before scene to establish the family/ building problem, then a smartphone with the MyBuilder app, before the final scene with the problem resolved and the tradesman waving goodbye.


We had to be clever with sponsorship regulation as we could not show the problem being fixed by the workman, for example. With over 13 years’ experience working on sponsorship idents, we had the know-how to work creatively within the regulations while ensuring maximum effect for the client and increasing engagement with the brand among consumers.

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