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Mike Payne/Fin Tune






The National Geographic Channel commissioned Fin to make this visually stunning programme to lead their international series Megafactories, broadcast in 62 countries worldwide. Our unique story unveils the drama of launching the world’s first million pound-plus car at the height of the global economic crisis.


We were thrilled to be hired by Aston Martin, the luxury carmaker, to make low-key films, tracking the development stages to create their first super car project: the One-77. These insider glimpses were discreetly aimed at a tiny potential customer-ship, via a personally advised bespoke site.


When the car was near launch, Aston gave Fin permission to go public. Within a month of viewing the luxuriant films, Nat Geo commissioned Fin to start production on a full one-hour film. We are the first production company ever to have been granted filming access inside the James Bond-style, highly secretive Design Studio.

For Aston Martin, of course, this was a PR success story with significant results. And for Nat Geo, an editorially independent documentary impressive enough to be selected to lead a series and win ‘pick of the day’ in everything from the BBC’s Radio Times to The Sunday Times.

Because Fin sits uniquely in the space between both the advertising and TV broadcast industries, we can make opportunities like this a reality.


After working with Aston Martin for four years on a variety of projects, Fin gained the trust of the marque - allowing us to obtain exclusive access to some of the company's most highly-secret areas, including Aston's huge Design Studio - home to the latest concept cars.


Using a mixture of steadicam, tracks, camera-tracking vehicles - and even a 25ft crane - we shot over 60 hours of footage to tell the full story behind the One-77. Edited in Avid, with full colour grade in Pablo and 5.1 surround mix in Pro Tools - Megafactories: Aston Martin Supercar was delivered to over 60 countries worldwide and is still on repeat.

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