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EXEC PRODUCER: Paul Denchfield   EDITOR/DEVELOPMENT:  Mark Williams   BBC One & iPlayer




In 1966, Time Magazine declared that London was the ‘swinging’ capital of the world. Now, 50 years on, Patsy Kensit explores what the year was really like, via 5 of her favourite photographs that capture London life in ’66.

Fin was commissioned by the BBC to make a socio-historical documentary - exploring 1966 from a London perspective - where, significantly, much of the so-called 'swinging' scene stemmed from. Iconic photography, still a powerful medium in the late 60s, was chosen as a chapter-style device to explore the year.

We were delighted Patsy Kensit fronted the programme, offering authenticity and a bridge back to ‘66 – her late father having worked directly with the notorious Kray Twins. Patsy guides the viewer through the historical context and key London locations of our stories, while shocking and insightful personal testimony provides a new and unique take on the year as previously defined by Time Magazine.

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