Tasked with creating a memorable logo for Jaguar's newly created Academy of Sports, Fin invented an emblem that could sit within their core branding, while promoting the 'Britishness' of the Academy. Several choices were produced for the client, before the final image was honed for use across an array of branded ephemera.


Looking closely at Jaguar's heritage, we incorporated the famous 'leaper,' associated with athletic symbolism, in Union Jack colours. Working from pencil sketches, Designer Dylan Lategan and Fin's Dan Constantinou developed hundreds of concepts, which were condensed into three varied routes. The chosen option portrayed the 'leaper' with the bottom-half tapering to symbolise the essence of speed.


The Jaguar Academy of Sport, launched in March 2010, is a unique club representing the best of British Sport, tasked with inspiring the next generation of great sportspeople. The Patrons of the Academy include David Beckham OBE, Sir Ian Botham, Gareth Edwards CBE, Dame Kelly Holmes, Denise Lewis OBE and Sir Steven Redgrave.