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Fin was approached by no-nonsense Commercial Director, David Haycock, of financial consumer champion iSmart, to launch their brand and product on TV for the first time.

The campaign was complex - the commercial needed to highlight the simple, but unique claims procedure was straightforward and positive - in order to set it apart from the competition, who were attracting customers with poor direct marketing adverts. We also introduced the brand as one that consumers would accept and could look to for advice and financial services.


David said, "Having spent several weeks with creative/design/production agencies across London, considering ideas for a TV commercial, we decided to go with Fin. Why? Because we liked that fact they had created commercials for big brands as well as smaller businesses. The commercials they had created were excellent and there was no questioning their production expertise. I knew they would be able to deliver a great Direct TV Commercial."

We immediately saw a kindred spirit in this straightforward, honest approach and in a customer-focused company lifting the lid on mis-sold financial products. If you know him, it's no surprise that our in-house Director, Dan, got on so well with David. Dan cut through the competition with a quick cut, stylistic approach - so all the key facts and, importantly, all the stages of application were acknowledged in a straightforward way.

The series of testimonials also used humour and had a strong brand presence throughout, closed with a mnemonic for instant recall.

Was it successful? Since its launch, the commercial has been an integral part of iSmart's multi-channel approach to acquiring customers. A multi-million-pound campaign which increased month-on-month suggests so!


David said, "During editing, I had the pleasure of working closely with Dan. They produced the graphics and voiceovers as well as the mnemonic. There were times when we had to make changes to the original idea - which was no problem at all for Dan. The final edits were made and aired, along with the other 4 commercials and the results have helped to rapidly grow our business."


As this was iSmart's first step into TV, the financial expenditure was under the spotlight. With our tight, familiar crew, Dan shot 5 commercials in two days across 2 locations. Information and process was highlighted through on-screen branded graphics, with the important prominent 'Call to Action' being unimposing. The animated logo and even the mnemonic were composed in-house.

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