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Digital Environmental Campaign




Dan Constantinou



Fin London



Paul Denchfield



James Buck


Paul Denchfield

Dan Constantinou



Red Epic Helium 8k


Avid Media Composer






Fin was commissioned to produce an environmental awareness campaign film highlighting the effects of Global Warming, Non-Sustainable Travel, Over-Tourism and the effects of these issues on poorer global communities.

The production also had the challenge of meeting advanced technical criteria (Fin’s speciality), with a delivery spec at full 8k and a narrow aspect ratio. The film was to be shown at a global conference on a custom built 27 metre screen while being broadcast in standard HD by regional broadcasters around the globe, with BBC Worldwide picking up the mantle for the UK and Europe.

Fin’s creative team worked together with the client to create the campaign message and creative concept which moved into production within a 6-week window. The film’s deadline was the start of April, but to make the most of the weather conditions in Iceland, we held back filming to the last week in March, giving us a tight 1 week post production window. Due to the extensive Pre-Viz work produced in pre-production, the client was happy for us to delay the shoot to get the best possible filming conditions.

The creative concept planned for us to film across the stunning vistas of Iceland within a 4 day period, with lots of remote locations to climb to and changeable weather conditions by the hour. We needed to find the right tool which allowed us to be as flexible as possible, both on the shoot and back in the edit. Fin has been shooting and editing 4k for over 6 months with a series of successful productions already under our belt, so we were confident we could handle such a challenge once we had completed a series of camera tests.

After a short testing period and edit trials, we decided to use the new Red Epic Helium which was able to shoot 8k at 60fps and produced a file structure which was already used and tested in our post-production workflow. It just so happened that we had already put in an order for this camera a couple of months before to add to the Fin production equipment but due to lead times, we were still waiting for ours to arrive. Many thanks to Brownian Motion in Pinewood studios for leading us theirs.

Shooting with a ratio of 6.91:1 all footage was captured using an Arri Master Prime 14mm to get ultra-wide zero distortion images at full 8K. Fin’s “High Altitude Recording Platform” (H.A.R.P) aerial drone was also utilised to capture some of the mountain peak scenes.

The final film was edited within Avid Media Composer with our Baselight grading system doing the final colour timing passes. The sequence was then exported as a .dpx sequence and encoded into a Prores format for the projection systems.

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 Behind the scenes in Iceland 

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