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Noble Foods



We were tasked with bringing storyboards, created by Goldenlay’s packaging design agency, Springetts, to life, through a combination of casting, music and great animation. The creative also had to convey the serious health benefits of the brand.


The way we approached this was 2-fold: Director Darian’s charming, line-drawn animation went swimmingly, following the linear journey of a heart-tattooed Goldenlay egg - from hen to breakfast table. But producer Tim faced an altogether different trip – a stupendous month-long battle with Clearcast to get the spot on air…


A children’s choir were initially recorded at Fin Tune, to sing the backing track, but with new Clearcast rules concerning advertising to children, this proved problematical. Instead, a multi-tracked 16-year old soprano was the only way to capture the desired nursery rhyme feel.

Meanwhile, a lengthy scientific process of proving Goldenlay’s health claims for Omega 3 to the Advertising Authority ensued – right down to providing hens’ feed data from specific farms for Clearcast’s nutritionist to rubber stamp. Fin won through in the end, though, and the campaign was a delight for Mums and kids alike.