Fisherman's Friend



After Fin was recommended to Fisherman's Friend by Channel 5, the brand approached us with the unusual challenge of devising and producing sponsor creative for two series: Extreme Fishing with Robson Green and Rory & Paddy’s Even Greater British Adventure.


The brief was to feature - and narratively develop - the line-drawn/cell-animation already based on the brand’s face, ‘Lofty’ - the trawler skipper. 


We developed Lofty’s seaborne environment into one consistent look – but for two quite differently scripted sets of multiple idents. For Extreme Fishing, Lofty stayed out in the ocean, comically varying his catch - while on '...Adventure,' he toured Britain’s coasts and rivers to visit cartoon versions of iconic locations.


Once the scripts were signed off, animator Dylan Lategan flew practically solo - delighting the client by bringing brand character ‘Lofty’ to life over the course of 16 episode-related, round Britain scenarios.

Fisherman's Friend BTS 04