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Fin's latest project for ITV AdVentures was a set of four fun-filled, family-friendly, fast paced commercials for Chester Zoo and broadcast on CITV. Comprising 2 x 60 second spots and 2 x 30s user-generated ads, the creative highlights the playful element of Chester Zoo's current proposition to a wider audience. Viewers were invited to interact by sharing their favourite animals, photos, sketches and memories which were showcased in the final two commercials.

Directed by Martin Bashir, the creative was overseen by Fin's Roger Cray and production managed by Rob Muller. Mischievously hosted by the four presenters of CITV's Scrambled, links top and tail the longer ads providing competition information, while an energetic montage reinforces the range of activities to experience at Chester Zoo.

Production presented numerous challenges, not least a very short lead-time from commission to broadcast. Shooting four commercials in less than a day, with freezing weather conditions, while navigating specific activities and locations, required meticulous planning. Not a problem for our team, who captured hours' of footage and multiple takes for optimum options in the edit.

As with all our work, the ads were fully post-produced at Fin, including grade and sound mix. This included a specially-composed soundtrack, scored by Fin Tune's virtuoso Mike Payne. With a hint of Saturday morning children's TV, the track matched the structure of each ad to amplify energy during the montage and to provide momentum during the opening and closing links. Fin's Mark Williams graded all four ads with a warm, summery look, embellishing saturation and brightness to give a fun and playful tone. Effects, flares and speed ramps were added to further engage the target family audience and match the joyful 'Play' element of Chester Zoo's campaign message.

Final delivery and a big thumbs-up from a trio of parties resulted in the commercial airing across the CITV network from mid-May to August 2017.

Aaaand...cut there!

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