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Paul Denchfield



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Fin were tasked with a world-first, to herald the globe's fastest car: the Bloodhound SSC which will attempt to break the 2017/18 land speed record.


Geely Holdings Group (China's largest independent private company) approached Fin through their UK PR company, Influence, to work on the creative and the production of a 2-3 minute film. The finished piece had to highlight both the challenges required to break the existing record and explain why this partnership is important to the Geely brand.

Significantly, we had the opportunity to film the current land speed record holder, and pilot of the upcoming Bloodhound SSC, Wing Commander Andy Green OBE, to gather his thoughts on the upcoming challenge.

Inside the Bloodhound SSC
Inside the Bloodhound SSC

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Behind the Scenes of Bloodhound SSC
Behind the Scenes of Bloodhound SSC

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Inside the Bloodhound SSC
Inside the Bloodhound SSC

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Filming at an old Sufflok air-force base, we secured a stunning location inside an old jet testing facility. Conveniently named the 'Hush House,' this completely sound-proof setting provided the ultimate backdrop for our interview. Using a combination of lighting effects, video projections and smoke effects, we were able to atmospherically capture and bring to life Andy's interview, detailing the significant difficulties of the awaiting challenge.


Our second location was based at the Bloodhound SSC HQ in Bristol. Here we shot the priceless half-complete super-car in situ. Using a combination of track and dolly and mini-jib effects, we were about to capture unseen details of the car which largely go hidden once the covers are on.

The film was released worldwide during the Bloodhound press release in Autumn 2016.

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