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Banana Republic ran a targeted campaign at Underground stations located near its new store at 'One New Change.' Having just completed a series of new season fashion photographs for the AW launch, the fashion brand wanted to promote both their current range and the store's launch.


The landscape imagery produced for the new clothing range worked well, set against a rugged vista. However, the photo series needed to be brought together - and to life! - to work on the LCD and DEP screens. Not only that, they were taken in various aspect ratios and were the opposite way round for the portrait aspect of the Underground screens.


This required adept design work from Fin's in-house team...

Initially, each photographic layer was deconstructed, including painstaking, meticulous matte painting around: the trees, branches, clouds and models. This gave our artists a clean palette to mix in motion, using a technique called ‘parallax scroll’.


Once the client was happy with our test images, we set to work using a combination of movements between each layer to draw the eye. Our artists then pinned several points on each of the models, which allowed them to independently animate their hands, arms and heads. This final, intricate movement had the desired effect, holding the viewer's attention until the end of their escalator journey.

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