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Aston Martin



Aston Martin were about to launch the latest variant of their endurance race-inspired 'N4' series production car - and needed a film to communicate this message. To be launched at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show, the film would be shown on a series of big screens behind the car and launched online via the Aston Martin website and social media.


Four variants of the car were revealed at the launch - each with different exterior and interior options which needed to be captured in the film.


After discussing initial concepts with the Aston Martin Marketing and Sales Team, we wanted to show the lineage linking the raw endurance race cars and their road-going siblings. In particular, we wanted to convey the feeling and emotion as you step into the car and drive, knowing that advanced race technology had been filtered down into your car.

Shooting just prior to racing season, we only had a day’s availability with all the cars. To get a head-start, the graphics department started building the cutaway VFX sections. The VO narrative was crafted by our in-house creative team, with a guide script recorded to finalise exact timings prior to the shoot.


Our creative would feature no music track; instead a selection of authentic sounds were used to build a sonic soundscape. Filmed within studios near Aston Martin's Gaydon HQ in Warwickshire, we had 2 dedicated crews shooting in separate areas to cover all the exterior and interior shots of the cars.


Filming on the RED Epic at 5k, we also took the opportunity to use the Academy Award-Winning Super Speed lenses used on James Cameron's 1986 sci-fi thriller Aliens. These 'fast' lenses allowed us to pick up detailing in low-light conditions, as well as having a softer/grainier feel than modern digital lenses. Using a combination of track and dollies, Jimmy Jibs and 6 foot sliders, we also created and built our own overhead lighting gantry that could be independently controlled on set.


The film was edited in-house on Avid with the graphic elements created in Flame and the final voiceover recorded and mixed in our studio.