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Aston Martin



Aston Martin commissioned Fin to create a promotional film for their new, exclusively limited car the “N420.”


The car was based on the racing spec N24 class-winning V8 and V12 Vantage racers and Aston Martin wanted to convey their racing heritage throughout the film. Because of the nature of the car, Aston Martin wanted to have a selection of dynamic racing track shots as well as on-road footage showing the handling of the car.


After receiving the brief, resident auto-nuts (Directors Dan Constantinou and Paul Denchfield) realised that the only place the vehicle should be filmed was the location where the car's concept was born…the Nürburgring in Germany.

We felt that the film needed to portray the emotion of the car without voiceover or text. The haunting forests of Eifel region, renowned for their heavy mists and fogs, would be a stunning backdrop to this cutting edge Aston Martin.

The variety of dynamic tracking shots and kit required our modified Range Rover - driving it from our London base to Germany. This gave us the freedom to capture both road and track shots from the same platform, whilst minimising traffic disruption.


Although experienced in filming a variety of car-to-car sequences on public roads, when it came to filming the track sequences on the notorious “Nordschleife” (or “Green Hell” as christened by Sir Jackie Stewart), we had to take a slightly different approach.


We gained exclusive permission to film on the track and, significantly, during a public high-speed track session, already underway. We then enlisted the help of Wolfgang Schuhbauer, Aston Martin’s Test Centre Director and experienced Nürburgring 24h racer, to take the wheel for all the track footage.


With all our Health and Safety forms correctly filled-in and Harness Gear double-checked, we set out for the track. We needed to hit the speeds of the other cars, while minimising collision danger and producing exciting dynamic shots. Paul has since mentioned that he had never before experienced several laps of the 14.1 mile track, reaching speeds of 120mph, facing backwards, looking through a viewfinder…with Dan at the wheel, he had nothing to worry about!