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Aston Martin




Dan Constantinou



Fin London



Paul Denchfield



Dan Constantinou

Paul Denchfield




Following its hugely successful N430 track-inspired product, Aston Martin set about the launch of its fastest-ever road-going car: the GT12.


Fin was commissioned to produce an attention-grabbing promotional film for these £250k limited-edition grand-tourers, based on the GT3 series. Significantly, the film would be used to launch the car at that year's Geneva Motor Show - whetting appetites for fans and journalists alike.


Production took place over a period of 2 days at the world-renowned Silverstone race circuit. Fin's creative involved unprecedented access to film within the pit garages, where the car's racing heritage would be established. Using a combination of tracking shots and car-to-car filming, great care was required as we were working with the only working version of the car prior to launch.


During our in-house post-production, 3D volumetrics in Houdini were used to create smoke effects - added to the 4K  RED plate shots. The finished film was one of the first to be graded in our brand-new Baselight system, adding a high-end polish.


The final film was shown to great acclaim at the Geneva Motor Show launch, before going out onto Aston's social media platforms and global dealerships.

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