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Fin London



Digital Outdoor






Fin was commissioned to create a new digital outdoor campaign for Advertising Week Europe's week-long industry forum. This London-based event was to be promoted on Exterion Media's Outdoor Underground network, while, complimenting the concurrent print campaign.


Running the campaign in Underground stations close to and targeting London's 'Adland' - 7 executions were required. Imagery and style took inspiration from the print campaign and featured quotes from renowned creative leaders.


Fin's Design Dynamo, Darian Weir, drew up two designs for both Exterion's landscape XTP and portrait DEP screens; Cross Track Projection (on the train platforms) and Digital Escalator Panels respectively.

Finally, the quotes from notable creative leaders were animated. Chosen to reflect the inspirational nature of the Advertising Week event, these pieces of key advice and ideas came from such esteemed industry names as Lord Sugar and Sir John Hegarty, among others.


With only 10 second slots for both the XTP and DEP executions, attention was given to the flow, in order to avoid the eye overly darting around the screen. Concentrating on one icon provided clear focus for the executions, alongside simple animation. Once the original print images were broken down into layers, they could be animated accordingly. The trickiest were both the eye and the cube - the former requiring animation of the eye lashes and the pupil to dilate, the latter needing to rotate like a real Rubix cube in 3D. To achieve the dilating eye, Darian used a morphing tool in Flame to create a realistic effect.

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