Time Products



Hot off the heels of our successful commercial for sister watch-brand Seksy, Fin was approached as Time Product's incumbent agency to reinvigorate the Accurist brand for Christmas 2018.

The creative required multiple watches for both men and women. Following detailed research, Fin concluded that a change in direction would align the brand with current consumer attitudes. “People aren’t buying a watch to tell the time,” Director Dan Constantinou explains. “It’s really about having a quality accessory that reflects your personal style and taste.”

Knowing that the commercial would sit alongside high-budget Christmas competitors, Fin looked to create an ad with comparative visual standout. To make noise, it needed to be memorable and to adhere to current consumer sentiment, it needed to deliver the brand's key style and taste messaging. 

“I always loved the visual style of vintage movie musicals,” explains Dan, “and this is where the original concept, ‘Wrist Side Story’ came from. We looked to encapsulate a realistic slice of Britain’s population who form two rival groups, each with their own unique style. It celebrates the diverse Accurist range via a dance-off, high upon a London rooftop.”


The entertaining ad didn’t want to feel too comedic or tongue-in-cheek. After all, the products are made from real materials - genuine leather straps, stainless-steel cases and scratch-proof sapphire glass - so the commercial had to reflect the same tone.

Accurist - Behind the Scenes

Top British choreographer, Kenrick Sandy, known for his work on London’s 2012 Olympic Games Opening and 2014 Winter Paralympic Closing Ceremonies was brought in to choreograph the 9 dancer-strong performance. His work focused the eye around the watch and gave a sense of the movement of time. A London rooftop was built within the studio, complete with a fully-lit skyline and advertising signage - again paying homage to the old classics but with a contemporary feel.


The 30 second spot was filmed at 24fps in 8K to mimic the feel of the old Hollywood classics, even down to the 4-strip film processing effect created in Fin’s Baselight grading suite.