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DIRECTOR: Dan Constantinou      PRODUCER & VFX:  Darian Weir      ITV & ITV Hub




Accurist's most recent commercial was created by Fin to sit alongside its high-budget Christmas competitors, complete with comparative visual standout. To make noise, it needed to be memorable while delivering the brand's key style and taste messaging. We looked to encapsulate a realistic slice of Britain’s population who form two rival groups, each with their own unique style. It celebrates the diverse Accurist range via a dance-off, high upon a London rooftop.”


Top British choreographer, Kenrick Sandy, known for his work on London’s 2012 Olympic Games Opening and 2014 Winter Paralympic Closing Ceremonies was brought in to choreograph the 9 dancer-strong performance. His work focused the eye around the watch and gave a sense of the movement of time. A London rooftop was built within the studio, complete with a fully-lit skyline and advertising signage - again paying homage to the old classics but with a contemporary feel.


The 30 second spot was filmed at 24fps in 8K to mimic the feel of the old Hollywood classics, even down to the 4-strip film processing effect created in Fin’s Baselight grading suite.

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