Fin is a fully integrated, creative agency that generates engaging content for multiple delivery platforms.


From the world’s biggest brands to nascent start-ups, your work is handled by the same award-winning creative team.


Leveraging our experience and integration, we offer our clients fresh ways to ensure their messages reach intended audiences and consumers. 


Our full-service offering is all in-house, which means we react to briefs extremely quickly to, create, design, produce and deliver media without needing to outsource.

Our central aim has remained since launching - to always ensure a hassle-free end delivery of stylish, memorable productions.


Hence our company name, philosophy and brand all being inspired by the simple classic cinematic motif ending vintage French films, fin.



Everything we do is homemade at number 22: In our

retro modernist Soho HQ, Fin are considered pioneers in our field and have truly harnessed the amazing technological advances that increasingly allow production roles to combine.


We own all our filming and high-end post equipment. But, the benefit of state of the art technology is really only unleashed by the talent, experience and skill of our highly trained people, who can

now move between each production process, releasing their creativity on clients’ behalf even further.



Whether working with DPs and full crew, or self-shooting actuality, Fin’s in-house Directors always strive for unique filming techniques, camera rig set-ups and shooting styles. And we have carefully chosen and invested in equipment to match.


Fin’s lead crew and R&D department is so hands-on, inventive and practical, that we have created bespoke Helicam devices such as H.A.R.P (High Altitude Recording Platform) for productions that require something on the next level.


We also have dedicated car-to-car filming vehicles. For example, our Range Rover camera car, with in-dash monitors and motorised jib arm is perfect for capturing sweeping on-road automobile shots. Or our high-speed Mini Cooper stabilised tracking vehicle for ultra-dynamic camera moves.



Dan Constantinou

Film & Commercials


Darian Weir

Creative Director

Paul Denchfield
-Company Director-

Executive Producer/Director

Mark Williams
-Company Director-

Development & Senior Editor