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Complementing the worldwide launch of Spectre, Fin were exclusively commissioned to produce a visually-stunning trailer for 007’s bespoke new Aston: the DB10. With only 10 models in existence, we were generously afforded not only 2 vehicles to perform an array of moves, but also Daniel Craig’s stunt driver, Mark Higgins.


The end-reveal of ‘007’ burnt into the tarmac via power slides and donuts would tease the upcoming film, while offering a tantalising glimpse of the secret agent’s custom-built, limited edition Aston Martin.


From the outset, Fin Director Dan Constantinou wanted to capture the burnout ‘in-camera,' omitting the use of CGI to augment or cheat the end result. As such, the entire sequence was painstakingly storyboarded as a previz sequence; ensuring every move was precisely planned, building to the final reveal.


A combination of aerial shots and dynamic low-to-the-ground moves would convey the energy of the car’s every twist and turn.

Shot across two spring days at a top-secret airfield, both DB10 models were utilised on the empty runways. All of Fin's latest tech was at the team's disposal - from our customised aerial drone to the new purpose-built motion picture pursuit vehicle - allowing both low, close dynamic shots and overhead perspectives of the burnout to be achieved.


With top Bond stunt driver Mark Higgins at the wheel, both cars were taken to their very limits as an unprecedented number of tyres were destroyed and replaced throughout the filming. The final film was edited and finished in Avid and Baselight respectively, before online delivery: where it has since reached over 1 million hits worldwide.

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